The Greater Dayton Brain Health Foundation is a private, non-profit Ohio corporation. It has been approved by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(C)3 tax-exempt organization. The corporation pays no taxes and donations made to its benefit are tax exempt.

The mission of the Greater Dayton Brain Health Foundation is to promote the brain health of all citizens within the Greater Dayton area by providing counsel and financial support to ensure (1) ready access to brain health services, (2) delivery of effective brain health treatment and support services, and (3) collaboration among systems impacting people with a brain illness. The Greater Dayton Brain Health Foundation Board of Trustees, with the resources available, is determined to stimulate the creation of innovative and sustainable methods to effectively enhance the brain health and well-being of the area citizens.

The Board of Trustees of the Greater Dayton Brain Health Foundation is committed to identifying and supporting innovation in the delivery of critical and viable brain health services (activities addressing the special needs of persons with a mental, addiction and/or a dementia disorder) to residents of the greater Dayton area. The Foundation desires to serve as catalyst convening essential players and providing initial resources in the creation of effective, scalable and sustainable services.

The Board of Trustees currently administers the following funds:

» Greater Dayton Mental Health Fund

» Alan Houts Endowment Fund

» Eastway Addiction and Mental Health Services Funds

» Daybreak Fund

Note: “Greater Dayton area” is typically understood to include all residents of counties adjacent to Montgomery County, Ohio.